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During the past 200 years

the citizens of Mexico relied upon the skills of family masons who attained the art of masonry at their forefather's knees. These generational stonemasons were trained to use the materials "at hand," in order to provide adequate structures and dwellings for the poorest of its communities. Many of the buildings they erected were so ornamental that they became the envy of the local rich. Eventually, their skills would once again be revered by governing rulers and dignitaries.


Omega Masonry Companies is proud of the masons who work for us. No other society that we know of has produced as many qualified stone masons as those who originate from Mexico other and Latin American countries.

A Tribute to Our Masonry Artisans


There is a reason we created our sister company, Texas Masonry ArtisansOur masons can be counted on not only to understand the varied tasks they will be called upon to do, but also to bring their artistic eye and an innate set of masonry skills to each and every masonry project they complete - large or small. 


Their inherant understanding of the masonry tools required to lay flagstone, build retaining walls, and create masonry works of art is evident in every outdoor fireplace, enclosed kitchen, patio covering, retaining wall, and stone facade they touch. The results our stonemasons achieve are so impressive that we cannot find room for all the images we continually take!

When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico City they found a metropolis filled with massive stone courtyards, byways, edifices, and artwork. Many of the masonry techniques used to build this great city emulated the free-standing stonemasonry methodologies common to ancient Mesopotamian cultures dating back to 1800 BCE and beyond. (Click on slideshow to view full size images).

Once they had conquered this region, the Spaniards enlisted the aid of its cultured masons to erect cathedrals and government buildings in their newly-annexed country. These masons were already adept at adobe, stucco and free standing masonry, and now they would add to their skillset the stone and mortar masonry prevalent in European countries. It is important to note that many of Mexico's newly-erected buildings were built on the sites of Ancient Mexican architecture using Mayan stones.   (Click on slideshow to view full size images).

A Brief History of Stonemasons in the Americas


Some attribute stonemasonry's dominance in the Americas to the Spaniards, but one only has to look at Ancient Mexico City, The Mayan, Aztec and Inca Ruins, and the lands of the Zapotec to recognize that expertly fitted stone was the primary building material used in Central and South America for melinnium.

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Thank you for all you do...


On this occasion we want to thank our talented group of stone masons for the exceptional work you perform on a daily basis. We respect and admire both your masonry skills, your unwavering attention to detail, and your dedication to your profession.

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