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When spring rains hit we often discover that our chimneys are leaking from somewhere! Our masonry experts are adept at locating flashing and brick leaks; while our fully-insured roofing team can address leaks caused by decking and underlayment issues. 

Flashing Leaks

Chimney Flashing is one of the most important parts of any roofing system. If you don't have a chimney, you will have a flue or two on your roof that must be treated with equal care. Fortunately, we don't need to call in our roofing team to make flashing repairs. Our masons have repaired lots of  flashing  when making brick repairs and are fully insured for this task. 

Brick or Mortar Leaks

Many times it is easy to determine from the ground that a brick and mortar chimney are in disrepair. Sometimes, however, a close physical examination is required to locate subtle cracks in the mortar that require attention. Once it is determined that brick repair is necessary, the flashing and the underlayment will also be checked for damage.

Roof Decking Leaks

If your flashing has leaked water onto your roofing deck panels, they must be thoroughly examined. Our roofing team will look for rotted wood, holes, or buckling. If these are found, they will remove the roofing material along those decking boards (only), and reattach both the decking and underlayment prior to reattaching the roof.

Underlayment Decay

It doesn't matter whether your roof or a leaky flashing has damaged your underlayment; when damage occurs, it must be replaced. Fortunately, this damaged can usually be traced by looking for evidence of moisture along the decking materials - whether it occurred in the past or is currently occurring. Our roofing team will check soffets, decking materials, drains, and curbing to make sure they address any leaks that might be occurring.

Come to us for Roofing Inspections and Repair

We have a long history of combining our efforts with those of our Roofing Team.

After all, repairing brick chimneys and flashing has long been part of our business.

Call on us for your roofing and chimney repair needs!

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