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Being in the field every single day, we get to see the best and the worst. Our Masons repair badly done DIY projects, and design and create customized projects. We work in brick, stone, cast stone, stucco, and stamped concrete. We have lots to share - and we would be pleased if you would share with us, as well. 

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BRICK & Stone Repair Blog Articles

Matching Brick during Repair

What is CMU Construction?

CMU stands for concrete masonry units. Their primary function is to provide the rigid strength necessary to build vertical walls that can withstand both the pressures of the earth and the weight of any outer coverings....

Matching Brick during Repair

The Many Faces of Concrete Repair


Concrete is used everywhere. Its rigidity forms highways, bridges, and super structures. Because it is so widely used, the concrete repair industry is a flourishing one. But concrete repair is as varied as its many applications...

Matching Brick during Repair

Brick Restoration is fun. We can locate almost any style brick and obtain perfect matches, (or nearly so), for your brick reclamation project.

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