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  Cast Stone Repairs & Maintenance
Vintage or Modern...We can help

Cast Stone is considered a masonry material. Not only is it attached in the same manner as carved stone, but the tools necessary for repair require both masonry skills and an awareness of Cast Stone's past and present manufacturing techniques.

Cast Stone's Many Variations:

From ballustrades and benches to water fountains, colonades and walkways; cast stone products elegantly grace our homes. What many of us might not realize, is that cast stone products have been in production since the 12th Century. 


It is a foregone conclusion then, that not all cast stone products are the same. As recently as the past decade Cast Stone technology underwent changes & improvements. We now have additives that reduce moisture and increase the amount of detail that can be achieved during molding; and components and minerals that help us emulate a wider array of stone. Because of these variations, a thorough knowledge of cast stone must preceed any repair.


Matching Product with Product


A paver is a very different product than a colonnade or water fountain; just as building facades are distinct from privacy fences.


While each of these products carries the moniker Cast Stone, (or pre-cast concrete), their colors are derived from different types of minerals or sands, and their density is dependent upon chemicals. In other words, Cast Stone repair is akin to the art of alchemy.

Our Dedication to Cast Stone

Omega's masons understand Cast Stone evolutions and match each characteristic to ensure that your Cast Stone accessory will continue to grace your property for years to come.


We have great respect for our specialists who work in Cast Stone and have dedicated a full website to the subject: Cast Stone by Omega 

Is My Property Feature Cast Stone?:

Most colonades, stone entryways, and banisters built within the past two decades were created from cast stone. But here is the caveat; a similar surge in pre-cast concrete was afoot during the 1940's and 50's.


Perhaps the best option is to check with a certified mason. They can quickly determine whether natural stone or cast stone comprises your treasured landscape or architectural elements. In the meantime, we have compiled these images to help you understand the diverse products that comprise Cast Stone.  (Visit our Specialist Website for a full discussion of Cast Stone).

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