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Water Damage? Impact Issues? Mortar Failure? We can help!

Cast Stone Repair - Bldg Facade Repair

The advent of cast stone helped beautify building facades across our country. Their light-weight, durable surfaces are as practical as they are attractive. Nonetheless, damaged or time-worn cast stone requires attention. We have the skills to revive your building's facade.


Keeping Apprised of Current Materials and Technology

Unlike brick whose history spans centuries; cast stone is a recent technology. In spite of that fact, it is imperative that cast stone workers be aware of generational changes in both the composition of the stone and the mortars that encase them. At Plano Brick & Stone, we learned about this emergent industry from its conception and continue to watch it closely.


A Keen Eye toward Safety

Since cast stone is used on many commercial buildings, we have in place specific guidelines to ensure both the safety of our workers and the general public. Our scaffolding is regularly inspected by both our team and local municipalities. Our methodologies are governed by the latest and safest techniques; and we hire the appropriate machinery when necessary.


Since pictures speak louder than words, we include this pictorial depicting our work in cast stone, stucco, and stone building facades.

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