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Chimney Repair by Plano Brick & Stone Repair

Discoloration? Sweating? Mortar Cracks? Back-Flashing issues? We know our stuff!



We are often called upon to assess chimneys whose bricks have begun to crack and break after our client repaired loose or cracking mortar on a section of the chimney.  What we normally discover is that the client used modern mortars on aged brick. The unyielding mortar did not permit the porous brick to expand and contract - and since the mortar wouldn't give way, the bricks did. (We offer a full explanation of this phenomenon here).



When non-porous mortars are coupled with bricks that need to expand and contract 


 it is the brick that will succumb to pressures within the fixed cavity!


It is important to note that when mortars (and brick) have been mismatched over extensive areas, it is often necessary to disassemble and reassemble the entire chimney to facilitate a long-lasting repair. Our technicians will be able to advise you with regard to this matter.





   1) Chimney Caps


   2) Chimney Crowns


   3) Flashing and Counter-Flashing


   4) Mortar Cracks & Holes


   5) Spalling Brick (where the face is sloughing off the brick


   6) Splitting & Cracking Paint


   7) Water Channelling


Chimney Cap Repairs - Staining on Chimney Bricks, Fireplace Walls, or Ceilings

Repairs consist of recapping the chimney with either masonry, stainless, or aluminum chimney caps. Often caused by condensation of gaseous elements from furnace or fireplace flues, staining can indicate that a chimney cap is no longer performing adequately.  


Chimney Crowns - Constant dripping sound eminating from the chimney

Often caused when flues are not adequately protected from both rain and condensation, repair often consists of installing a flue "rain-cap" that channels rainwater away.


Flashing & Counter Flashing - Water stains on Ceilings

After wind-driven rainstorms, water accumulates along ceilings. This is often an indication that the chimney flashing channels have failed. Although a roofing specialist can attend to this issues, it is often preferable to utilize the services of a mason who can effectually score the brick mortar in order to accommodate step-flashing panels. 


Mortar Cracks & Holes - Stained Bricks, Condensation in Flue or Fireplace

Freeze-thaw conditions stress both bricks and mortar, and can lead to water permeation. Unless addressed, these problems will worsen. It is especially important to note that water forms sheets along chimney walls that is channeled safely away by properly-mortared joints.


Spalling Brick - Brick Faces Deteriorating and Accumulating at the Base of Chimney

withinSoft brick faces can deteriorate and slough off - but far more often, bricks fail in this manner because they are porous in nature and have been water-sealed in an attempt to provide protection against the elements. Unfortunately, water sealants prevent moisture bricks from escaping. Unless the sealant was applied when the bricks were completely dry, pooling water within can cause bricks to fail. Although repair can sometimes be facilitated by turning the bricks inward, a better option is to disassemble the bricks and reinstall. 


Blistering, Peeling Paint - Unsightly paint that is Pulling Away from the Bricks

Like spalling brick, this situation is generally precipated because porous brick is prohibited from releasing metorological moisture. It is much preferred to maintain the brick and mortar than to cover it with any substance that can trap moisture within. As long as the mortar used for chimney maintenance is matched to the era of the brick, a chimney should last 5-10 years between mortar repairs; and the chimney itself could last centuries.


Water Channelling - Mortar joints that have Not been Properly Trimmed

Once considered stylish, the look of over-packed mortar has long been frowned upon because the "lips" created by this type of mortaring style accumulate moisture. Once saturated, this moisture is driven into the bricks, and eventually into our homes. Proper mortars are slightly recessed and help channel water away from the chimney via the flashing and counter-flashing channels. 



Additional Information:

Technical Preservation Services, a division of the Department of the Interior, who suggests that neither water repellants, sealers, NOR consolidants, (binders designed to strengthen the facade of bricks), be used on most porous bricks. The incident of internal pooling is far too great a risk and can result in the coating failing at the surface and pulling pieces of the brick's facade with it as it sloughs off. Their extensive treatise on the subject lists instances where it IS and IS NOT appropriate to apply either paint or water repellants to brick. wall page On our you can find additional information about how we determine which brick and mortar will match to your current chimney or wall. In addition, we include here a link to their informative article.


At Plano Brick & Stone Repair we keep appraised of the varying situations that warrant intervention. You can count on us to fully assess your brick and stone needs  we begin work on your project. 


Plano Brick & Stone Repair is a subsidiary of Omega Masonry committed to Omega customers in Plano, Frisco, and Carrollton, helping us respond more quickly to your needs.


Chimney Water issues are Confounding.

Evidence of water permeation or condensation on chimneys and internal walls can signify so many different problems  that most of us prefer to delay addressing the issue until it becomes critical to our comfort. Of special concern is whether the cause is the roof or chimney. Water radiates outward from faulty chimney flashing by channelling beneath roofing material and can permeate ceilings great distances from the source. Chimney and dormer flashings should be examined on a regular basis.



Caught early, chimney repairs need not be overwhelming.  Our team will assess key checkpoints in order to determine what problems exist.  Once our team identifies your issues they can quote a price for repair.

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