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What Plano Brick & Stone Repair DOES...

We DESIGN & REPAIR products in Brick, Stone, or Cast Stone
for the communities of Plano, Frisco, Carrollton and NE Texas:  
Products We Service:
Column Mailboxes
Dumpster Coves
External Stairways             
Indoor Fireplaces
Non-Structural Brick Walls         
Outdoor Fireplaces                      
Outdoor Kitchens                         Patio Surfaces 
Porch Columns                    
Poolside Walkways
Privacy Fences
Raised Bed Gardens
Support Columns
Retaining Walls Residential
Retaining Walls Commercial
Stamped Concrete Driveways
Structural Brick Walls
Terrace Columns & Banisters
Services We Provide:
Upgrades, Repairs
Design, Installation, Repair
Upgrades, Repairs
Design, Installation, Repair
Upgrades, Repairs
Design, Installation, Repair         
Upgrades, Repairs
Design, Installation, Repair
Design, Installation, Repair        
Design, Installation, Repair
Design, Installation, Repair
Upgrades, Repairs                    
Design, Installation, Repair
Design, Installation, Repair
Design, Installation, Repair
Upgrades, Repairs
Design, Installation, Repair
Design, Installation, Repair
Design, Installation, Repair
Design, Installation, Repair
Design, Installation, Repair
Plano Brick Repair for Brick Installation, Brick Repair;
Stone Installation and Stone Repair.
When in doubt, please ask. 

What you can Expect when we Begin Your Project...


Many of our clients are uncertain about what to expect with this type of construction. This document will attempt to bring clarity to this otherwise confusing process. 

Day 1: Materials & Workers Arrive

No matter how large or small your project is, we will need to utilize a certain amount of space to house the tools of our trade. These may include:


  • Stones or Brick (delivered on pallets)

  • Bags of Mortar

  • Lumber (for forms or for arbors)

  • Rebar

  • Other Products as needed


We may also require small pieces of equipment such as forklifts to arrange the material so it is out of your way as much as possible; yet easy for our workers to access.

Unpacking Materials

Plano Brick & Stone Repair will, to the best of our ability, attempt to store materials in areas where they won't interfere with your daily activities. 


In the event that work areas need to be avoided so that mortars or concrete can cure, we will clearly mark them with warning markers and/or tape, where appropriate.

The Work Process & Scheduling

Masonry work proceeds in stages. With the exception of column mailboxes, most projects require that mortar dry for 24 hours before proceeding to other tasks.


An example is this flagstone patio covering. This particular project also included retaining walls and an outdoor fireplace. We could not proceed with the fireplace until the patio covering had cured

What time can you expect the crew each day?


Crew schedules will vary. We will always provide you an estimated arrival time, but these daily "goals" are oftentimes riddled with unforeseen issues that delay our crew's arrival at your project. Please be advised that, unless you hear otherwise, our team members can be expected at your project within 2-3 hours of their suggested start time. 

Unexpected Delays

Even the most efficient planners can't forsee every situation. There are times when our crews are ready for the next stage, but products have been delayed in transit.


In this instance, the retaining wall was complete, but the gate and fencing had not yet arrived. When the fencing finally arrived, we contacted the homeowner and completed in a timely manner. Isn't it gorgeous?


Don't forget... 

If you are called away on business or otherwise unreachable, please provide us an alternate method for contacting you or a party who can make decisions for you.

email is Preferred:

Although this seems counter-intuitive, it is simply a way for us to keep track of current projects versus clients calling for estimates or estimate results.


Email is also a good way for you to include as many details as necessary; and it is truly the best method for informing us about any emergencies or to report an untidy work area. (We want an email immediately if a work area was left unclean).


Contacting us by phone: 

Please be advised that our phone lines are only manned during normal business hours. You are welcome to call us on our business line, but be advised that if the call goes to voice mail, we would appreciate as much detail as you can provide in the allotted time.


When to contact the ESTIMATOR...

Our crews are assigned specific tasks each day, but we all know that unexpected events in either of our arenas might precipitate a request to focus on a different task than the one scheduled. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact your Estimator. He/she will be able to communicate with the crew's foreman to let them know this change can be implemented (depending upon whether the materials, tools, and permits will accommodate the request). 

Realistic Expectations...

How you can Help US Help You...

We would never try to mislead you. Instead, we have become so accustomed to the ins and outs of our industry, that we often omit certain facts that might have helped you understand the process and intended results better.

  • Ask, Ask, Ask!

If you have developed expectations because of something you've seen on television or on the internet, please ask us whether that ideal is realistic. We produce lovely results, and we are proud of what we do. But if the moonlight on an image made you believe that you were going to get a reflective surface on a patio covering...well, it's always best to ask!

  • Communicate during the Project

Even if you're at work while our crews are building for you, we are just an email away. By putting your thoughts into "print," we can address each concern with a conversational flow that enables you to get additional clarification by simply "replying" to our response!

We promise to DO OUR VERY BEST...

but even the most consciencious of crews cannot predict the unforseen nor work the impossible. This short list of expectations that can lead to disappointment is meant to help you understand what we mean:


  • Matching Pigmented Mortars

      Dyes are added to mortar when it is wet, to ensure thorough mixing. Although our crew is comprised of extremely talented masons, there are times when combined pigments simply cannot emulate what nature has done to fade and erode at a mortar's colors. Nonethless, we are proud to say that we match mortars within a 90% range on a consistent basis.


  • Maintaining the order of segmented projects

      We attempt to set up a project's perimeters in a logical fashion; and during our discussions with you we have probably intimated that we would likely complete a certain segment first, followed by b, c, or d. In reality, we often have to change the order we planned while drainage issues, compacted soil, or other unforseen variables are addressed. In cases like these, remaining flexible has value for all parties.


  • Garnering matching stones

      Here's the thing - we can go to the same supplier you used, within the same month or year, and oftentimes the stones they have recently procured will have totally different hues than the ones you are seeking to repair. At this juncture we begin pounding the pavement, searching for a similar set of stones or brick that will sufficiently match both the hue and texture of the ones on your home or landscaping. If you are patient during this process, we can usually find the right combination of stones and pigmentation to repair your project seamlessly.


Proudly Serving NE Texas...

At Plano Brick & Stone Repair we are proud to serve both private and commercial clients in these NE Texas communities: 


Plano, TX

Frisco, TX

Carrollton, TX


Allen, TX

McKinney, TX

Richardson, TX


Park Cities, TX

Mesquite, TX

Highland Park, TX

With an eye toward detail and decades of experience, we are ready to serve

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