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Commercial Masonry & Concrete Repairs

Unfortunately, loading dock walls and walled ramps can take a real beating. Our masons are fully experienced at making brick, stone or concrete repairs to damaged loading dock areas.

We Repair Loading Dock Walls

We respond within 24 hours to commercial emergency projects.

> Call 972-836-7171

   Prioritize the message as "Urgent"


> Provide us a call-back number,

   contact person and address


> We will get you up and running

    and if necessary, make more                           aesthetically pleasing changes

    at a later date. 

Dumpster Enclosure Repair

Dumpster Enclosures are another commerical property element that suffer mishap. We can repair, upgrade, or build dumpster enclosures that are not only functional, but attractive. 

Do away with the warehouse dumpster look.


This receptacle is built from brick and colored cinder block, and topped with an attractive arbor that shades the trash, (which helps prevent odors from developing too quickly). This type of dumpster enclosure is especially attractive at restaurants and fast food establishments.  

Dumpster Enclosures can be made from brick, stone, cinderblock, and/or fencing materials.


This attractive dumpster enclosure utilizes stone pillars and vinyl fencing coupled with a double-wide gate enclosure. The stones match the office building's architecture, making this outbuilding an attractive addition to the property. 

We repair Brick, Stone, or Concrete!

Remember, we are licensed to perform both residential and commercial repairs.

We have assisted commercial clients for more than 10 years and are ready to serve you!

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