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>Retaining Wall Inspection   >Archway Inspection

>Brick Screen Inspection       >Landscaping Inspection

>Brick Mailbox Inspection     >Column Mailbox Inspection >Stucco Mailbox Inspection  >Curbside Mailbox Inspection 

>Stone Mailbox Inspection    >Collision Inspection         

>Roofing Inspection                >Chimney Inspection

>Underlayment Inspection   >Eaves Inspection

>Drainage Inspection             >Flashing Inspection

>Cast Stone Inspection          >Column Inspection

>Sidewalk Inspection             >Archway Inspection

>Patio Surface Inspection     >Landscaping Inspection

>Wood Fence Inspection       >Vinyl Fence Inspection

>Stone Fence Inspection       >Cast Stone Fence Inspection

>Brick Fence Inspection        >Metal Fence Inspection

>Stucco Home Inspection    >Chimney & Roof Inspection

>Retaining Wall Inspection >Driveway Inspection

>Brick Inspection                   >Walkway Inspection

>Stone Inspection                 > Masonry Inspection

Stucco Services

Omega's Stucco Team expertly assesses and applies stucco to perfection. Whether you need an inspection, a fence, mailbox, complete facelift, or you are matching an additional room to the rest of your house, Omega's Stucco Team provides quality - every time!

Omega's Fence Team's keyword is versatility. They can just as easily construct a stone fence as a picket fence, and are versed in all materials - from metal to concrete. Call upon our fence team for inspections, repairs or installation. You'll be pleased with the results. 

Omega's Masonry Team works in Stone, Brick, Concrete, and Stamped Concrete. The results they attain are simply gorgeous. And of course, they also repair or inspect drives and walkways, per your request. 

Fence Installation & Repair

Driveways & Walkways


Insurance companies are notorious for asking for roof inspections. Our team at 5 Star Roofing are fully licenced to perform this service. You can count on them to fully assess your chimney, flashing, underlayment, support boards, and drainage systems.


When accidents happen our team of column mailbox specialists will report their findings honestly to your insurance company. Sometimes bricks can be reclaimed, and sometimes the original materials are a total loss. Our Mailbox Specialists work in stone, brick, concrete, and stucco.

Brick & Stone Repair

We repair Brick, Stone, Stucco, Concrete, Stamped Concrete and MORE! We are licensed to perform inspections on everything from outdoor kitchens to chimneys. We are certified for both residential and commercial projects, and have been serving NE Texas for more than 10 years!

Home Inspection Services

Selling? Buying? Filing Insurance Claims?

Whatever your reason for needing a home inspection, Omega Companies can help.

Our specialists are experts in Brick Repair, Concrete Repair, Roofing,

Cast Stone, Masonry, Stonework, Fences, Stucco, and Mailboxes.


Call Omega's MAIN NUMBER for Mixed Service Inspections - 214.868.5008 

Home Inspection Services

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