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Mailbox Mishap encourages Mailbox Redesign



It is discouraging to wake up and find a pile of bricks (or stones) where your curbside mailbox once was, but rather than just repair your brick mailbox, why not consider it an opportunity to upgrade to a larger capacity mailbox and a new curbside mailbox design.

Don't just Repair your Mailbox - Upgrade it!

Of course we can fix your brick mailbox, but if the worst has already happened consider these upgrades to improve your curbside appeal:

ReDesign your Brick Mailbox  

When too many bricks have been damaged to rebuild your original column mailbox, it is a good time to reconsider your original design and/or upgrade to modern bricks. Modern bricks are much denser, easier to match, and emulate any era and style you desire.

Upgrade to Stone for additional strength & beauty

Stone's colors, textures and depth make an impressive statement. They are available in hues ranging from deep browns and golds, to yellows, oranges, pinks, and whites. Stone curbside mailboxes tend to fare better during automobile mishaps and stone mailbox repair is often less expensive because the stones are easier to match than period brick used in older column mailbox construction.

Consider a larger capacity security mailbox

Modern mailboxes are constructed from rust-proof materials that far outlast the rusty steel mailboxes of our parent's era. In addition, chute styled mailboxes drop incoming mail into a protected area that the homeowner opens with a key. Front and rear access designs are available; and most modern mailboxes have a greater capacity than their earlier counterparts.

Incorporate an attractive address plaque on the side or front of your new column mailbox. 

Cast Stone address plaques are easily customizeable, do not interfere with mailbox operation, and are extremely attractive on brick or stone curbside mailboxes. Additionally, when address plaques are mounted curbside, they are easier for both friends and emergency services to read.

Consider a Cast Stone Topper

Cast stone mailbox toppers can save you money because they cut down on the amount of stone-cutting a mason must complete in order to repair your column mailbox. Additionally, in the event your mailbox meets with mishap, cast stone column caps can be obtained more quickly and inexpensively than cut stone. Their varied hues, shapes, and textures make them exceptionally attractive for this purpose.

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