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Omega Companies - An OVERVIEW...

When Omega Masonry opened its doors fifteen years ago we called ourselves "Innovators in Stone and Concrete". At that time, we didn't even have a web presence. Indeed, we operated much like any local service industry; gaining business through ads and word-of-mouth.


Over the years, homeowners often made inquiries about services we did not yet provide. When that happened we would procure the assistance of reliable local experts to help facilitate the job. These long-term associations have now become full-fledge partnerships under the auspices of Omega Companies.

Today we have nine websites and manage a group of service providers who can do everything from roofs, to fences, to stucco. Of course, Omega still provides expert masonry and brick services; and always will. Together, we proudly serve the residents and businesses of Northeast Texas and beyond.

Masonry Services

Most masonry patrons access our masonry services at Plano Brick & Stone Repair, (the site you are now on). Of course, we still maintain our original website, Omega Masonry, (devised in 2008); and our 2nd, Texas Masonry Artisans, (developed in 2010).


All our hard-earned lessons in web development coalesced into this site in 2013.


Our goal was to incorporate a better overview of our services in an image-rich environment. We are getting exceptional responses and we thank you.

The following websites were born prior to Plano Brick Repair

and arose from our desire to 

illustrate our proficiency in all things masonry:   

(Images link to the actual websites)

Plano Column Mailboxes 

is a comprehensive column mailbox site, featuring the work of our talented masonry craftsmen. We not only present column mailbox design ideas in brick and stone, but information about repairing mailboxes, matching mailbox brick and mortars, and obtaining security and chute-style mailboxes. 

Cast Stone by Omega 

is a beautifully illustrated pictorial showcasing the limitless possibilities of Cast Stone products. They are not only practical for walkways, but for retaining walls, columns, terraces, fountains, and more.

Blog for Omega Masonry

is an information-rich site that incorporates in-depth articles about the following topics:


Outdoor Living       Stucco            Retaining Walls

Decks & Patios       Mailboxes     Custom & Repair 


In addition, we provide a link to every article we write on any of our websites, (in the article tab).

Texas Masonry Artisans 

was our first attempt to design a website outside the FTP format of our original web presence. We quite liked the ability to utilize images to illustrate our skills; and filled the pages with pictures of nearly every job we had taken snapshots of to that point.

EXPANDING OUR HORIZONS - The Birth of Omega Companies

Dallas Roofing LLC by Omega

Our roofing team are consumate professionals. They repair, inspect and install roofs, and are joined by our masonry team when chimney repairs are required.

When working side-by-side with service professionals, you get to know their standards, their work ethic, and their reliability. It is our pleasure to incorporate the expertise of these quality sevicemen under the auspices of Omega Companies:

Plano Modern Stucco by Omega 

We can't say enough about the quality of work our Stucco Team delivers. They are the artisans of fine finishes and carefully design and frame new stucco. We hope you will call on us when you need stucco work!

5 Star Fences by Omega Companies 

We finally have a team devoted strictly to fences! This is an important step for us, because we were often inundated with orders for privacy fences that had to wait until our landscaping or retaining wall projects were completed. We are excited to devote a team to this specialty full time!

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