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5 Star Fences Patio and Pergola
Plano Modern Stucco Restoration
Plano Modern Stucco - Bldg Facelift
5 Star Fences Arbor and Deck
Omega Outdoor Grill
Omega Outdoor Kitchen
Omega Outdoor Fireplace
Omega Stone Firepit
Omega Flagstone Patio
Omega Gray Flagstone Patio
5 Star Fence Wrought Iron
5 Star Fence - Cedar
Omega Commercial Retaining Wall
Omega Custom Retaining Wall
Plano Column Mailboxes in Stone
Plano Modern Stucco - Stucco Mailbox
Omega Cast Stone Fireplace & Mantle
Plano Brick Repair - Stone Fireplace
Plano Brick Repair - Chimney Repair
Plano Brick Repair - Chimney Repair
Omega Cast Stone - Terrace Banisters
Omega Cast Stone - Boundary Fence

Meet our Teams

   Experts in their fields...

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Our fencing team has always done right by us; and now that we have pooled our talents they are exceeding our wildest expectations!


They not only excel at fence installation; they are expert deck, pergola and arbor builders. 


We look forward to continually upgrading this page with their projects!

Fencing Projects

by 5 Star Fences

Decks, Arbors & Pergolas

by 5 Star Fences

We can't begin to say enough about our talented stucco team. Although their website is still under development, please watch for its complete launch here. 


Just look at their work. Astounding!

Astonishingly Beautiful!

Plano Modern Stucco

Plano Column Mailboxes

Column Construction, Repair, & Maintenance

Our mailbox team bests the worst situations by reclaiming all useable brick and stone after mishaps and devising amazing designs that flatter any homeowner's property.

Detailed Craftsmanship

Plano Column Mailboxes

One of the most beautiful mediums to work in is Cast Stone. We repair and install all Cast Stone products.


That's why we developed a website dedicated to the amazing products that can be incorporated into yards, fences, and landscapes. 

Versatile, Attractive

Cast Stone by Omega

Who knew that roofing and masonry would become so closely intertwined. We fix chimney issues, but we needed a team who could determine whether a leaky flashing was the only issue. Our roofing team is by far the best we know.

Expert Roofers

Roofing by Omega

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Stucco Team projects

Roofing Team projects

Fencing Team projects




Combining the talents of

local tradespeople

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