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Don't Settle for Poor Stone Workmanship

Rely on Skilled Masons 

To a gifted mason, each brick or stone has a unique role to play in the overall design of a project. For them, every undertaking is an opportunity to express their craft. Indeed, true masonry artisans recognize that their end-product will incorporate the unique attributes of each brick or stone into a unique work of art that enhances the product's overall design.

Although the morter is not yet dry on this fireplace, we can see that the mason utilized dark stones to tie in the unique markings of the larger and taller stones. But perhaps even more important is the fact that, in spite of the rough face on most of these stones, the entire fireplace has a sharply angled and seemingly flat surface. Only gifted masons can accomplish this effect with rough-faced, irregular-shaped stones.

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Examples of Poor Craftsmanship versus a Stone Mason's Workmanship

We perused the web to locate examples of both amature and professional workmanship. What follows is our description of each.

Dry Stone Masonry

Dry stone masonry joins stones together without mortar. Also known as free standing masonry, this technique dates back thousands of years, can stand for centuries, and is nearly a lost art. 


Without a doubt, art is the word that best describes this type of masonry. A mason skilled in dry stone construction must understand the principles of physics, the strength capacity of each stone, and have a natural ability to incorporate the geometric complexities necessary to precisely size and place each component.

When an Amature attempts to erect a free-standing structure...

While researching this subject, we located a mason in the U.K., (Stone Inspired), who was disturbed that his client would allow an untrained construction crew to build a free-standing wall. The results were understandably disasterous and a far-cry from the beautiful dry masonry project he would have built: 

Dry Stone Masonry in the hands of a Stone Master...

Thea Alvin is a renowned Stone Master who has been building artistic free-standing structures for decades. She is called upon by countries worldwide to help them rennovate stonework that has been disheveled by either time or catastrophe. The images below illustrate both the strength and beauty of her artistic endeavors.

Our In-House Masonry Artisans...

While we have always respected our masons, (many who hail from the land of Mexico where masonry skills are passed from generation to generation); we were exceptionally pleased when one of our masons told us he could indeed erect a dry masonry fireplace per a customer's request. Since that time we have expanded our free standing projects to include retaining walls and raised bed gardens. We are extremely proud to be, (as far as we know), the only Masonry Company in Texas offering this type of service. 

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When you SEE Exceptional Masonry Workmanship - You KNOW the difference!

Most of us have passed by homes where the bricks or stones have been repaired badly. Either the masonry no longer follows a clearly-defined line, or it bulges outward in places it was not intended to. When you call upon us to perform brick repair, masonry repair, or to design and build outdoor living enhancements; you can be sure that our masons will treat your project as a work of art and provide you with a masonry product that will enhance your property for generations!


Rather than linger further regarding the nuances involved in exceptional stone and masonry work, we are including here a cross-section pictorial of mailboxes, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, archways, and stone walkways built by our wonderful masons. 

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