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Retaining Walls With Longevity


For this commercial endeavor, Oklahoma property owners wanted a high-impact retaining wall that would not only encompass the entire property, but also provide noise and impact barriers against the high-speed traffic that surrounded it. The soil was hard clay that will, at times, be bombarded with large amounts of water; making it necessary to implement drainage at appropriate locations. In addition, the base would need to be dug deeply enough to would provide adequate support for the nearly two-story tall wall.


Plano Brick and Column Repair accomplished this task by establishing anchor points and rebar cages along the foundation. The image above shows that the base channel extends for two feet on either side of the wooden form. Along this channel we placed cantilever anchors. When the soil is back-filled, its weight and pressure short up the retaining wall base; ensuring that it will neither sway nor tilt when the two-story high, triple-wide cinder blocks are stacked into place.

Although projects such as these are rare, the designing engineers who assess the wall’s intended purpose and the geological setting it will be placed in, must understand the complexities of physics in order to build such a massive retaining wall capable of withstanding both external and internal pressures for decades. Plano Brick & Stone Repair, a division of Omega Masonry, has been building large retaining walls for municipalities for twenty years; and brought the expertise and experience necessary to successfully navigate this huge commercial endeavor, (A large Casino in Oklahoma). Omega Masonry and its subsidiaries (Plano Brick & Stone Repair and Plano Column Mailboxes), never cuts corners, and understand the necessity for precision.

Retaining Walls with Versatile Potential…


Homeowners who wish to protect their properties from hillside erosion via the installation of a retaining wall can count on our experience. We begin by consulting with you, in order to gain an understanding of your vision. If you have accumulated ideas, now is the time to show us what you have in mind. After the consultation, we examine the soil and water drainage channels. We continue by determining whether your retaining wall system will fare best with a cantilever base, pilings or anchors; or whether a gravity wall will best suit your purposes. Often, a combination of styles is comprised to ensure the best performance and longevity possible.

Although construction itself is a messy business, Plano Brick & Stone Repair has a reputation to maintain. We work hard to ensure that the work area is kept separate from other property elements; and will always leave the site in pristine condition at the end of each day’s work, and when we depart upon completion.

Simple Retaining Walls…


Retaining walls are built for varying purposes. Some serve to segregate property elements while others are built simply to accommodate raised bed gardens. The most common use of retaining walls is to level a hillside and “retain” the soil behind it to prevent erosion. No matter what its purpose, Plano Brick & Stone Repair applies the same principles required to build enormous retaining walls when designing and building your intimate landscape-enhancing retaining walls.


Retaining Wall Foundations

Not all retaining walls are built the same. Before the first stone is chosen, masonry engineers must determine:

  • The retaining wall’s purpose

  • The surrounding geology

  • The types of soil pressures the wall will be“retaining”

  • The types of soil which comprise the base of the retaining wall

  • The inevitable flow of water from both below and above

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Retaining Wall Ideas & Materials

Retaining walls for Garden & Landscape…


Retaining walls can enhance any landscaping element, be it a column mailbox or a simple garden bed. Their stone or brick construction helps tie in look you find most appealing about your property.


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