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Extraordinary Craftsmanship

and Attractive Materials

make Outdoor Environments Pleasurable!


Our masons are experienced Outdoor Living Specialists who can help you incorporate outdoor fireplaces, raised bed gardens, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and arbors into your modest space.


Consider first, the humble outdoor fireplace. This particular fireplace is unique. Its free-standing stone construction uses no mortar. This age-old technique is seldom utilized in the modern world, because very few masons are skilled enough to build in this manner. We are proud to have skilled masonry artisans as part of our team!

The Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace


Exterior fireplaces allow us to spend more time outdoors. Many implement seating by incorporating small retaining walls that either extend around the perimeters of the patio, or simply surround the base. Outdoor fireplaces can be built from any type of stone or brick, which means they can be designed to match either the patio floor covering, chimneys, or the landscaping elements of a property. 

Outdoor Kitchens...

Increased Entertainment Value

When guests arrive it’s time to grill – and what better way to stay organized than an enclosed grill surrounded by counter space. The fact is, outdoor Kitchens can be designed to include refrigerated units, storage drawers, smokers, and any other accouterments that make entertaining pleasurable.


Additionally, many designs incorporate the pillars necessary to support a patio covering; providing a practical solution to daytime dining during any time of year.

Stone adds Exceptional Dimension to Outdoor Living


 Few of us understand the potential of our property until we begin exploring landscaping options and devising ways to spend more time outdoors.  At that point we begin to imagine a manageable space that provides shade, pleasurable dining areas, ample comfortable seating, and shelter from the occasional storm.

Click to view full-size image & description

Click to view full-size image & description

The Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen


  • Outdoor grilling areas can be built adjacent to low retaining walls, helping segregate property elements.

  • Outdoor cooking islands can provide both shade and eating areas for poolside or courtyard activities.

  • Outdoor patio kitchens help the chef maintain rapore with guests.

  • Outdoor kitchens provide storage, and eliminate the need for repeated trips indoors to gather supplies.

  • Outdoor kitchens can be built from any material to match existing property or landscaping elements. 

Arbors create shade, divert moisture, and help delineate patios from other property elements.

Arbor patio coverings are extremely popular in NE Texas. Plano Brick & Stone Repair are proud to have been involved in constructing these versatile outdoor living enhancements on many of our client's properties.


Built mostly from cedar, arbors are popular because they allow unrestricted air flow and light permeation. In the event that homeowners want to incorporate additional shading, motorized exterior shades are often added, and can be operated using timers or remote control.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Arbor


  • Provides protection for patio furniture

  • Protects guests from inclement weather

  • Can be combined with motorized shades to form a pocket of cooled air around our homes

  • Helps delineate seating areas from other property elements

  • Can be incorporated into other patio elements such as outdoor kitchens and fireplace seating 

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