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The Incredible Stone Porch

Nothing says curb appeal like a stone walkway leading to a stone porch or entryway. Although stone was once considered too heavy for porch use, homeowners who were determined to incorporate the look of stone helped dispell those misconceptions by proving that stone porches provide superior longevity and practicality.


Upgrading to a stone porch is not as expensive as you might imagine and the immediate benefits are astounding:


> Increased Property Value

> Instant Curb Appeal

> Attenuated Longevity

> Improved Temperature Control

> Inviting Environment

Improved Temperature Control

Create an Inviting Outdoor Environment

Stone is almost magical in its ability to absorb daytime solar energy and retain it within. Just when evening temperatures begin to chill the air, gentle warmth begins to flow from the stones, rising from beneath our feet and dispelling into the cool evening breezes.


Wood porches fail to achieve this goal because wood is not a good thermal insulator.  This article explains the concept of Thermal Mass in  detail: the article here: 

No More Waterproofing & Painting


An immediate payoff when upgrading to a stone porch, (front or back), is that the tedious and repetitive task of weatherproofing comes to an end.


Pillars and banisters can be replaced by their cast stone counterparts, and the stones used to surface the porch and stairs can emulate any portion of your home's architecture or landscaping. The end result is truly effective. 

A Stone Porch & Walkway Increases Property Value


"The front porch on this Austin, Texas, home features structural river stone columns with glass mosaic tile column caps, stone entry staircase, and doweled, mortise-and-tenon joinery on the porch timber framing. Built by Mackenzie Design Build Inc., this new porch was designed to look like it had always been part of the home." (National Association of the Remodeling Industry), as profiled in The Rocky Mountain News.


Not only does stone add to the beauty of any home, it is a major factor when selling or appraising a home. 

Attenuated Longevity

Improved Curb Appeal

We can help you implement your Stone Porch ideas!

Our Masonry Experts can help you devise the perfect stone porch!

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