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Stucco is an Effective Medium

Stucco has become a cost-effective

material for many modern projects

such as:



   *Soffit Firewalls

   *Exterior Walls

   *Interior Walls

     (especially near fireplaces)

   *Column mailboxes


Stucco as Signage:


As you have probably heard, Oklahoma is building the largest casino in the country and Plano Brick & Stone Repair under the auspices of Omega Masonry is proudly constructing both the signage and the extensive retaining wall that surrounds this property.


The property owners chose artistic Stucco for their huge sign. Note that the signage has a distinctly-shaped base that will support its finished height of 40+/- feet. Here is some additional information that makes this sign so unique:


  • The base is constructed much like a retaining wall – using an embedded cement footing.


  • The “bricks” that comprise the decorative base are actually constructed from cinder blocks to which stucco has been artistically added and formed into oversized blocks, cohesive with the sign’s size. 


  • The pillars that support the signage are also constructed from cinder blocks that have been coated with stucco to emulate stone blocks – Lovely! 
Stucco as Firewall


Housing Regulations require that soffits be protected against fire to prevent expanding and spreading flames along the “open air space” in the eves of any home or commercial building. Although many products are being manufactured to comply with this regulation; stucco is still considered one of the most effective mediums to deter this breach. Today’s stucco can be molded into attractive soffit panels whose color compliments either a building’s roof or walls. 

The Magic of Stucco

Many of us have pre-conceived ideas about what stucco is. We envision a small adobe-like house with swirl patterns in either white or a pale earth-tone color. If we hold to that image, we have not yet been introduced to the world of modern stucco.


Stucco has the advantage of providing an effective thermal barrier against heat and noise. It also becomes a pallet from which we can incorporate color and yes, the look of smoothly-crafted exterior (or interior) walls. Stucco is also used when a fire-barrier is necessary, such as along the soffits of roofs. Today’s stucco masons are extremely skilled craftsmen who know when and where to apply this attractive substance.

Stucco for Exterior Walls


Today’s stucco is available in a wide array of subtle colors that enhance a building’s architectural or landscaping elements. Stucco is far easier to use than traditional siding; it quickly conforms to dormers, turrets, and other design elements that make a building unique. 

 Stucco for Interior Walls


Stucco’s natural fire-resistance makes it a perfect companion for fireplaces. It not only makes a fireplace more approachable when adding firewood, it also protects the interior of your home in the event of a breach. Fortunately, Stucco is so versatile that it can be finished in either textured or smooth designs; and can even be molded to emulate stone. 

Stucco for Column Mailboxes


Stucco Mailboxes can conform to any shape and stained to any color. At Plano Brick & Stone Repair we are proud of the number of stucco column mailboxes we have built. Their structural versatility and affordable installation price make them extremely desirable. . 

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