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This sidewalk had copious amounts of buckling and cracking. After removing the old sidewalk and pouring the cement, we stained and textured the concrete and added a stone border, per the homeowner's request. When the grout dries on this project, it will be a beautiful entryway!


Note that on small sidewalk cracks, we are often able to bond them using patches of either silicone or concrete. Large cracks and buckling sidewalks, however, require removing sections of the sidewalk, laying rebar and support chairs where appropriate, and re-pouring that section.

Sidewalk & Driveway Repairs



MUsually, we are called upon to do the kinds of repairs a homeowner requires, such as sidewalks, cracked foundations, and retaining walls. We are also adept at repairing docking areas and dumpster enclaves. When in doubt, ask. If we cannot accommodate you, we can certainly help your contact someone who can.

The Many Faces of Concrete Repair

Concrete is used everywhere. Its rigidity forms highways, bridges, and super structures. Because it is so widely used, the concrete repair industry is a flourishing one. But concrete repair is as varied as its many applications, and in many instances specialists must be called in to facilitate repairs. Some examples that require engineering teams and heavy equipment are bridges, high-rises, and parking structures.


At Omega, we too, regularly address concrete repairs. In fact, because we build so many walks, driveways, and retaining walls, our teams are expert form builders; and that means that the end-product has a crisp finished look that adds beauty and dimension to your property.


When concrete foundations crack, it is time for a home inspection. Once the engineer has determined that this issue is either a one-time event or you have followed any recommendations they may have provided, we will be happy to come and repair the crack for you. There are several methodologies available to us, but one of the most reliable is a silicon filler, because it finds its way into every nook and cranny. If so desired, we can refinish the foundation with a layer of new concrete or stucco.

Foundation Repairs

When Although many retaining walls are built solely from brick or stone, those that manage hillside erosion or tower more than 7 feet are usually built using concrete masonry units coupled with poured concrete. Omega masonry has been building CMU engineered walls since we began business. Whenever you need an expert to repair these types of retaining walls, be sure to contact us.

Retaining Wall Repairs

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